Thursday, February 25, 2010

Galapagos to Easter Day 3 - The one that got away

Pacific Ocean - 05 30.3S 96 20.9W - 400 miles SW of Galapagos

The weather was nice enough this afternoon to put out some fishing lines to see what we might get. Around 3:00 the fishing rod started buzzing like crazy and you could just make out a sizable fish running the other way. We managed to slow down from 9 knots pretty quickly and I got on the rod, having to spray water on the reel to keep it from overheating as the fish pulled out yard after yard of line. I magaged to get him about 30' behing the boat when he jumped the first time....A VERY large, probably 5' or longer swordfish (or Marlin, I don't really know how to tell the differnece from that distance). He started running out more line and was over 100' away within a few seconds. There was no way we could board a fish like that safely in the 6-8' confused seas we were in so I got him back to about 50' away and cut the line. We lost one of your favorite lures (large pink rubber squid/feather), but is would have taken at least 30 minutes to get him much closer and then he would be much more tired out (as would I). We may be going to fast for anything other than REALLY big fish which at least right now is not what we want as we have no room in the freezer. We will have to re-evaluate our fishing plans tomorrow.

We are now reaching off a bit more than we planned due to the confused sea state, so we really hope the wind goes more east soon and or the northerlies forcast for our last day or two come through, otherwise it could end up being a miserable beat back up to easter if we get too far west.

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