Thursday, February 25, 2010

En Route Easter Island Day 3

Pacific Ocean - 04 27.5S 093 45.1W -310 miles southwest of Galapagos
Thursday, February 25th - 0700 Report

Late afternoon and evening yesterday was delightful with steady winds and reasonably smooth seas without a great deal of chop. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the cockpit - Jo's homemade chili, guacomole, and tortillas with brownies and fresh pineapple for desert on our watches. The night began with a sense of smooth coasting towards Easter Island. Daylight this morning, however, finds seas up a bit with a bit more and faster motion - not awlful, but not as pleasanntly smooth as last night. I cannot go forward yet to check and clear decks (I would have to wake someone), but I can count at least 3 flying fish and 1 squid on windward deck. A bird has followed us overnight, and I can see some presents from it as well.

We continue to move right along with a bit more east in the sotheast breeze ( a good thing) on a course averaging 214 degrees mag making 9 knots or so over the ground. We have made 203 nm over the past 24 hours (6AM - 6 AM) which is not bad as we have been sailing for comfort and not for speed - if we were racing the reef would be out of the mainsail and we would be harder on the wind. Sky is overcast this morning, but no rain in sight.

All is well and crew is in good spirits with1616 nm to go.

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