Monday, September 28, 2009

San Blas Islands - 9 33N 78 51W

Hello all...greetings from the hottest plalce on earth...we are currently roasting in the san blas..there is very little wind so it has made for quite the warm streak...try 98degrees (in the shade...hey what a great name for a song!)and 91 in the boat which is where I've escaped to for the moment. Bill and Gram are once again fixing things...this time trying to trace a leak in the AC refridgeration system so they would probably tell you it's more like over 100 in the boat..Ah for the cool fall nip in the air of Maine. Seriously tho' all is well and we are having many good times. Have met up with some of our friends from our time here prior to coming home so good cocktail parties and communal dinners...reminds me alot of our hippie days in Thorndike when it was all about getting together with friends and hanging out. We are currently in the Hollandes in the anchorage nicknamed the swimming pool because the water is so clear and turquoise that it looks like a pool. Makes for excellent snorkeling which we've done the last two days and today we are planning a dive/snorkel expedition to the "grottos". We have a date set to go thru the Canal which will be 10/5. Gram's friend Meg will join us to make our 4th linehandler so Jo will be happy for some female company. We had one amzing dinner out at a french restaurant that we dinghyed thru a mangrove to get to...nice trip there, way home a bit interesting in the dark but we got back safe and sound and only ran aground once. Zak seems to be doing ok . He has now turned his computer internet addiction into a kindle/reading addiction...could be worse things but it would be nice to see the face not just the top of the head. He loves the hammock and he and Gram make a good pair up on deck in their dualing hammocks. Hope to do a better job of keeping up now that we are on the road again...we came with 800 lbs of mostly boat parts so hoping that the things we need we now have. love to hear back from any and all of you.


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