Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to Kuna Yala

En Route to Kuna Yala - 09 35.7N 79 04.9W

We arrived back in Panama the evening of the 15th and got started right away putting all our stuff (approx 700 lbs of luggage between us, mostly boat parts) away. Saturday morning we were finally done and left Shelter Bay marina for Linton. We dingied a mile or so through the mangroves over to a french resturaunt at Panamarina. Quite good food and very cheap, but the best part was the dingy ride back through the mangroves at night with no light due to the new moon. We got through the mangoves fine, but did run aground on the other side as it was rather foggy/misty and visibility was marginal at best. Today's sail is proving to be a long upwind motor-sail slog and Zak is sea-sick, so isn't having any fun. Hopefully he will enjoy the Lemons and Hollandes for the next 10-12 days.

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