Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hurricanes can't keep is down

Last weekend was the 6m Tune-Up Invitational in Newport and was a chance for me to get back in tune with Toby (pictured) in prep for the 6m World Championships next week. Saturday was a wash out with a tropical storm coming through, but we needed to scrub the bottom so we put on our wet-suits and rowed a sketchy wooden dink out to the boat. As we were scrubing the wind went from 10 kts to about 28 kts and suddenly the dink was nowhere near big or stable enough to take us back to shore. It was a brutally tiring 200 yard swim across near breaking waves, but we got in fine. Sunday was long wait for wind and then 3 good races. The mood was soured a bit by some very rude treatment from Dewey Isdale (former NYYC Comedore and helmsman of Madcap) after we tried to have a friendly discussion about the major foul he committed at the finish of the second race which almost caused a pretty bad collision (Toby managed to miss Scout, a 1909 Rule 1 Six, by less than one foot).

I head back down to Newport on Thursday in prep for North Americans Sat/Sun then Worlds start on Tuesday and run through Saturday the 13th. Stay tuned for more updates.

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