Monday, September 7, 2009

6mR World Cup - T-minus One Day

Here is a the Six Metre Wold Cup Website

There will be more information as the race gets underway there. There is also a facebook page that will probably be updated more frequently. I am sailing on the 1929 Fife - Alana, owned by Toby Rhodes. Our goal is a top 10 finish in the classic division, but will be happy with top 15 (out of 22 or so classics, with 11 or so moderns sailing on a different start, but the same course).

Saturday and Sunday was the North American Championships, really just a warm up regatta for everyone. Saturday was light air, which is not Alana's forte and we struggled a bit. A couple of bad decisions and we found our way at the back of the fleet. Good lessons learned though and that was the point. Sunday was a nice stiff breeze so we put up our #2 Jib, which was just recut from an older Heavy #1 (larger sail). It unfortunately is a bit too deep (too much curvature), so I am meeting my friend Tim Woodhouse at the loft this morning to recut the sail again. Once again this put us at the back of the pack, but at least we learned something. Races 3 & 4 were better, but we didn't have great starts and couldn't always go were we wanted to. Crew work is improving greatly and I think we are feeling decent with where we stand. Our biggest issue is that we just can't point as high as some of the newer narrower boats. Alana is "beamy" for a six at about 6'-9" with the boats built in the 50's being as narrow as 5'-9" and the moderns (post 1965) as narrow as 5'-6".

Today is all about getting final preparations done and getting some rest to be ready for action on Tuesday. More later.

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