Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is a good day???

OK so here is how it goes...a good day is one when nothing breaks. Also you get a little bit of rain you can collect overnight(this is after your watermaker has broken) and you can wash your sheets...very important as they are sweaty and stink and one can sleep much better in clean sheets.The next thing is that the vegie guy comes selling fresh fruit and vegetables to everyone in the anchorage...the food is few and far between here so fresh is very good. Then because nothing has broken and so that you aren't spending the time to fix it you can have a 2 hr snorkeling expedition.Bill and Gram went for a dive and borrowed a friends spear gun and even snared us a nice red snapper...Perfect for Gram's friends Meg and Bree's visit as thye are quasi vegetariansThat was our yesterday...to be topped off with a beach party in the evenling with 2 other boats.

Yes...life is good. love to all Jo and crew

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