Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Western Lemon Cays

We had intended to leave Coco Banderas on Monday morning, but I spent most of the night up sick (stomach) so we took it easy, moved into the inner anchorage, went for a short sail on Lewis and Julie's 47' Catana Catamaran Simpatica (poping Bill and Mom's cat cherry as it were) and then had a beautiful 15 mile sail up to the Lemon Cays finally having enough wind in a direction other than on the nose allowing us to actually sail somewhere for a change. It took a while to find a decent anchorage, but we finally did and settled in for a nice night. In the morning we woke to squalls in the area and around 7:30 got hit pretty hard with steady 25 kts, gusts to 35 to 40, and an incredible amount of rain. One puff hit us broadside, and with the side curtains down on the awning, we heeled over about 8 degrees. Unfortunately this broke a stantion mount, so our morning project was to glue a splint inside the fiberglass tubes that the stantions mount onto. We will have to come up with an alternate arrangement or leave the curtains up at night which isn't a great deal as they help block a lot of rain when it isn't windy.

In the afternoon we went on a very nice snorkle and scoped out a dive for tomorrow. Upon returning we couldn't get the watermaker to work so I spent a few minutes on the phone (got to love technology) getting some advise from tech support. Unfortunately we may need a lip seal we don't have onboard which will be a bit tricky out here, but I have a few things to try in the meantime and am halfway through the rebuild with plans to finish it in the morning. Hopefully I can get it to make enough water to get us through the next few weeks and have Meg or Bree (my nursury school and high school friends respectively who are joining us at the end of the month for 4 days) bring the part when they fly in.

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Sierra said...

ok, reading about popping mom and Bill's cherry is making me blush....