Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Snug Harbor, San Blas, Panama - 9 19.5N 78 15.2W

We had spent an absolutely beautiful afternoon on a reef finally gettin some good snorkeling in/perfectly clear water and pretty nice fishies. Decided we would be better off 2 1/2 miles away in a more protected anchorage for the overnight. So we are motoring along as the wind has constantly been on our nose so I have yet to even see the main sail up...we've used the stay sail once and the jib once but mostly we are a very tall motor boat. Gram is on the bow watching for reefs and I am navigating and all of a sudden an alarm goes on...engine oil pressure...we immediately need to shut down the engine,get the jib up and sail just a little further in to put down an anchor. Gram went down to see what might have happened and came back to inform us that there was oil everywhere. Seems as if a gasket failed on the oil filter and ugh ugh ugh. So now they are cleaning up all the oil and we are in hopes that we(they) have fixed it. The guys do make a great team and we certainly lucked out where this happened as it would have been much dicier coming into the previous spot under sail.

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