Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swimming Pool

Monday morning our friends Lewis & Julie on Sympatica were kind enough to raft asside us and fill our water tanks relieving the need to head into Rio Azucar to fill with somewhat questionable water as well as saving a ton of time.....THANK YOU! We headed up to the Hollandes and eventually put down an anchor just outside of the anchorage known as "The Swimming Pool". It is called this because the water is so clear and calm, it is like being in a swimming pool. We anchored in 30 ft, drifted back over a 25 ft spot and could see the fish and coral heads below the boat.

The last few days we have been snorkling up a storm and today we formed a convoy of three dingies as we showed our friends on Valantina and Slip Away to a cool area called the "Grotos", a series ofcanyons and caves in the "sea wall" of coral that protects the swimming pool from the north. The others snorkled while Bill and I donned tanks for a dive. Towards the end, we borrowed some spear guns from our friends on Valantina and got a nice red snapper. Bill mamed him with a through-and-through gut shot using the high powered gun and I finnished him off and got control of him with the smaller gun.

Tomorrow we head to the east Lemons where I hope to find a volleyball game before we head down to Nargana Sunday night to pick up Meg and Bree on Monday morning.

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