Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome to Vagina

Huahine, French Polynesia
16 45.9S 150 57.6W

We arrived yesterday in Huahine which is the polynesian slang word for Vagina...thing Hu-Ha, popularized recently by Grey's Anatomy and Opra acording to some article I read last year. Local legend has it that some god (don't remember the name) split the island in half with his "canoe"....if you know what I mean and now it has a small cleft between the two mounds...I think you get the point.

Anyway, we found a beautiful anchorage on the east side, about 1 mile south of the pass where we are sitting 17 feet above clear white sand with crystal clear water and about 1 knot of current. We had a nice drift snorkle, driving the dink about a mile south then drifing back to the boats over some decent coral with TONS of reef fish. Mom and Bill also went ashore while I worked on boat projects and met some nice people who gave us more fruit, green onions, and kale then we know what to do with....I guess stir fry is in our near future.

Tonight was a 5.5 hour happy hour on Curious topped off with Bill "pole dancing" on the mainsheet to "Boys are Back in Town"....quite the sight....not pretty though. Trish is hoping next time I will give it a try.

I think we are going to move around to the south west corner of the island tomorrow where there is supposed to be another great anchorage, maybe with a good dive nearby and suposidly the best beach in Polynesia.

Hopefully I will start posting more often again now that things are settling in again.


Laurie said...

any pictures? Of the pole dancing that is!

Anonymous said...

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