Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's No Place Like Home?

Moorea - French Polynesia

We all had quite a laugh when shopping at a very small grocery in Moorea when Sierra saw this sign. Hard to believe when a quarter of the way around the world that you see such a thing.

The last week with Sierra, Rob, Emma, & Zak (SREZ) has been outstanding. We have been enjoying each others company, swimming and beaching lots, and have seen some pretty cool things (petting rays, hikes, beaches, snorkling, diving, and much more). We even managed to arrange a general strike, shutting down the airport, and allowing Zak to spend an extra week here. In all seriousness, the strike ended today so our parts should finally be able to clear customs and get to the sailmaker and hopefully the inverter will be able to fly in now.

We have a few more days of fun here in Moorea, then back to Tahiti to meet up with the Puddlejump and send the family to the airport, pick up sails, and inverter before heading off to the rest of the Society Islands.

In other news, my first published sole author article is currently on news-stands. My review of small dome broadband satellite systems was adapted for the July issue of Cruising World and features a pic of me in the rigging. I will also have an similar article in the August issue of Yachting with some nice shots of Visions in exotic adventurous locations so keep your eyes peeled.

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