Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Huahine, French Polynesia

We had a wonderful first few days here in Huahine over on the almost magical eastern anchorage. We met some very nice, generous families on the fringing Motu who gave us way too much cantaloupe and bok choy, and invited the kids out to the boats for some tubing and swimming. Fun was had by all. Since then we came over to Fare on the western side, had a nice day biking to the Ahu's (fairly boring pile of rocks but a nice ride) and seeing the beginning and end of a 2.5 hour canoe race (wow is all we can say). After that we went on a wild goose chase for better anchorages as we were trying to get to the southern most beach, but the 20-30 knot winds from the south made that seem unwise and there wasn't much else worth stopping at along the western shore so we ended up back in Fare yesterday around noon.

Today we leave for Raiatea and Tahaa, which share the same barrier reef for some more exploring and also to pick up our new inverter.