Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm a Weeeener!

Sunday provided much better weather for sailing and the 6m class competed in a single 14 mile windward-leeward course. We had a great start on Alana and legged out to an early lead. A bad tack caused by the stbd J-lock coming undone (mental note to check that locks are rotated in the future) allowed Madcap to get inside of us along the Jamestown shore where they made a HUGE gain (good on them) and brought Belle and Flapper up close at the windward mark. Downwind, Madcap's huge sails and light displacement launched her, but we held off Belle and Flapper who were bringing down the puffs. Unfortunately Tom must have misread the course board (or neglected to) and sailed right past the leeward mark and headed into the harbor. Our first upwind tack to cover Belle went badly due to a knot in the sheet which allowed them to get inside at the windward "Island". Flapper continued to Newport to allow Nick to make his flight (who schedules a flight for the afternoon of a regatta anyway?). We caught Belle downwind due to the nice move masterminded by Michelle, but couldn't quite finish the pass. A desperation jibe at the next mark didn't make enough of a difference, but 2nd place was enough to clinch the Olin Stevens Cup for the Summer Series. Toby finally gets to take home the cup his father donated which has been in his family for 50+ years. He was truly happy and should be quite proud of the advancement he has made over the summer. We put the boat away, so that was my last weekend regatta of the summer. An early end, but a great season. I missed the trophy full of Dark & Stormy at Harbor Court to have dinner with Corey (read his blog for more details of the weekend) and Jenelle, but I hear it was a very entertaining evening. We may need to send the cup around like the Stanley Cup so I can have a chance to enjoy as well.

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