Friday, September 5, 2008

A Good Start

Last night was J-24 racing and boy was it a good one. Summer like weather allowed swim trunks and a T-shirt to be the attire of choice even in the strong 12 kts diminishing wind. We set up mid line and had room to bear off and accelerate. At 20 seconds I warned Rob to stay down as long as possible and we listened intently as four boats got called back. Had a slight fright when they called back 33...88 not our 3360. Our great position on the line and good speed shot us out in front. Mookie tacked early, got good breeze on the right and came back in a righty to cross easily ahead, but otherwise we were nicely nose out in front. We played the middle left, getting some current relief, but not getting into the lighter air along the shore. A VERY quick jibe at the mark put us in clear air and we were able to hold 2nd place all the way around. We thought for a few seconds we might have a chance to catch Mookie at the leeward mark when they jibed inside the layline, but they were just too far in front to get an overlap. A great score after a below standard second half of the season. Luckily our first half was excellent and we are probably very close to 4th place again. Two more weeks to get that spot.

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