Monday, September 8, 2008

Fighting the Big "C"

As I have mentioned before my friend Tim (pictured on his Thompson 35 Rumours) is fighting the big "C". Leukemia to be specific. He just went back in for his second and more intense round of Chemo this week so Rumours has been put away for the season. It is difficult to sit around and watch a friend fight such a terrible fight feeling like you can't help, so when I looked at the calendar and saw that the Leukemia Cup was coming up I had a great idea. With the help of Rob we decided that the Rumours Crew should do the race (on whatever boat we could wrangle) and try to win the donation race (the real competition at this regatta). This weekend we finally got off our asses and are making it happen. Scott Murray from NEB has offered us the crew spots on Unplugged so now we have a boat. The last, most important, and hardest part is still to come together.

WE NEED TO RAISE A BUNCH OF MONEY! I won't be able to make the regatta as I am going camping with a bunch of college friends, but am organizing the effort I want to show that a bunch of "kids" can make a difference in honor of our friend.

Tim is one of the nicest boat owners I have ever sailed with. He is extremely competitive and gets VERY heated on the water. In fact, the first time I sailed on Rumours, I wasn't sure if I could continue, but as soon as the finish gun sounds all changes. He wants to hear your stories, your troubles, and he truly cares. He is known as Uncle Woody to the crew of mostly twenty somethings and we know he would do anything he could to help us if we were in trouble. We want to return the favor. If you would like to support our effort, please DONATE to the Leukemia Cup Regatta on our donation page (click "Donate" above) or e-mail me and I can send you info on where to send a check. Obviously any amount is greatly appreciated and will help the foundation in its goal towards a cure. Thanks!

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