Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Visions of Johanna Update 10/27/15

S/Y Visions of Johanna
31 31.9/73 04.5 North Atlantic
62 nm ENE of Atlantic City
0630 10/27/15

Hello everyone. All is well on board Visions of Johanna. Wind was surprisingly light yesterday afternoon through early evening, motor-sailing with 5 knots aft from NE. Pressure built over night and reacher went up at 2:30 AM, swapped for the jib at 0600.

Current conditions: Wind 18 knots from 087T. Generally light seas with a NE swell that will build through the day.
We have strayed east of the rhumbline as this will allow us to ease off the wind as it builds towards 20-25 knots over the next 24 hours. We still anticipate late morning arrival in Norfolk tomorrow as wind clocks to the south,.

Last night, Sierra's Chicken Stew was a perfectly delicious choice alongside a green salad - thanks for the recipes...dada da da da da, dada da, da, da ,da...

Crew seems happy enough...tres` independent, completely capable, and seemingly without need for me....which is why I make sure that I am the only one who knows where food stores are hidden.

About 189 nm to go to our waypoint at the head of Hampton Roads. We will call in from Norfolk.
Bill and crew

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