Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Update, 10/31

S/Y Visions of Johanna
17.5 Miles SW of Cape Hatteras
Wind North, 13 kn
Bar 1026 mb

Hello everyone. All is well on board Visions of Johanna.

We departed Norfolk 0700 yesterday, essentially just after first light. Exiting the Elizabeth River and Hampton roads was smooth and a visual treat as the sun rose over terminals, cranes, and warships. Gear was put away on the fly as we motored out, and then Malcolm prepared a large pot of oatmeal, raisins, brown sugar...a great comfort food as the morning was a bit chilly.

Sailing was great through the day. A tad rolly with following seas, but very tolerable and we all ate a great midday meal below (saloon radar and nav computer on with frequent visual checks), of pizza and home made lentil soup (thanks, Mom) with carrot cake for desert (thanks, Mom!).
We sailed down the coast all day with full main and reacher in 15-20 knot N-NW's to N-NE's, but just before dinner, we elected to strike the reacher and motorsail as the wind eased to 12-15 from the NNE - Hatteras was on my mind and I wanted maneuverability. Dinner was superb, a cottage pie accompanied by salad ala Tom, and (always anticipating tomorrow), pumpkin mufffins (thanks,Jo).

It was active as we all took turns and jibed 5 times overnight, keeping Visions of Johanna within a narrowing courseway as we neared the cape and the gulf stream - essentially between the veritible gulf stream and the Hatteras place. At 0315 AM we jibed again, cornering and rounding Cape Hatteras in very reasonable conditions, wind 10-12 knots from the north with moderate seas. We jibed to starboard tack, rolled out the reacher, and shut down engine. A small victory under the watchful triad of Venous, Jupiter, and Mars.

So here we are, 0700, sailing in an easing northerly flipping between NNW and NW; we will have to jibe again soon, or engine on if forecasted conditions of light winds continue. About 300 nm to Hilton Head, the morning is beautiful, hopefully presaging another good day.


She was delivered to us 12 years ago today this afternoon, and we have enjoyed many miles with her. She has been strong, fast, and sea worthy - a fine, fine, superfine boat. There will be a small celebration later today including offerings to the keepers of the seas, as appreciative thank you's from her humble servants.

Bill and crew

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