Thursday, May 22, 2014

Visions of Johanna Day 3

S/Y Visions of Johanna
36 11.8N/73 50 North Atlantic
100 nm NNE of Cape Hattaras

Hello everyone. All is well on board Visions of Johanna. As predicted, wind built from astern last night and went to the SW. We ended up placing a 3rd reef in the mainsail before dinner, which was a good wind built to 25 - 32 knots through the night with large seas on the quarter. A bit of a bucking ride even with a staysail and reefed jib to balance the triple reef in the main. Every five minutes or so through late afternoon and the night, a large roller would come along and most impolitely, push our stern around, accompanied by a harsh bit of a rounding roll- but conditions changed abruptly at 0545 when the wind suddenly began to shift and then nearly died, before arising from the west at 13 - 15 knots. So, now we have the reacher out, a double reef mainsail, and seas have eased markedly. We are cruising gently along at 8-9 knots in moderate and diminishing seas, with the apparent wind just forward of the beam. It just doesn't get much better.

We will stay near the rhumbline but will follow our routing program and slide west early to set us up for a period of light northerlies and motor sailing sometime later today or tonight. Right now forecast is for NE winds when we approach Newport/Cap Cod so we might then slide east on approach to set us up for that - if it materializes.

We had a great lunch yesterday of andouille sausages and caramelized onions, and last night's dinner of Brunswick Stew (a Visions of Johanna staple offshore meal) was a perfect choice. It is a delicious one bowl meal that can be enjoyed even as one feels they are riding a bronco that was just stung by a bee. Thank you, Johanna!

Crew seems happy enough...not too much muttering, but I am a tad disturbed with my realization that our new Chef's knife and block set has disappeared, and is not in it's proper place. Hmmmm? In fact,the crew seems to be remarkably helpful, pitching in with all chores both above and below. But, I haven't issued the cotton swabs for cabin cleaning just yet...I feel the need to be cautious.

About 333 nm to go to our waypoint at the head of Vineyard Sound.Next check in will be tomorrow morning. All is well.

Bill and crew

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