Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Visions of Johanna Day 2

S/Y Visions of Johanna
33 18.4N/76 26 .9W North Atlantic
122 nm south of Hatteras
90 nm ESE of Wilmington, NC

Good morning, everyone. All is well on board Visions of Johanna. The night was uneventful as we motor-sailed through winds gradually building behind us. We are finally seeing 15 kn SW, but apparent remains 9 kn or less and sails will not stay full.

Our routing takes us to the Gulf Stream at 33 40N/75 20 W and we will do a gentle turn to the north around it. Gribs still suggest winds will be 20 Kn SW as we pass Hattaras, and that plus GS should make for some fast sailing. A discrepancy in Coamps and GFS gribs remain as Coamps has the SW wind lasting longer past Hattaras...we shall see.

It was Mexican night last night with chips and salsa, and Johanna's famous enchiladas for dinner. Excellent treat. The only thing missing was the Margarita but I call that something to look forward to.

Crew seems happy enough...not too much muttering, but I am sure that once in a while I see the sideways glance or the occasional whisper. I am trying to keep them well fed and happy, but, just in case, I have banned congregation of more than 2 people...just in case. Now, where did I put those marbles???
Sailing is good. Next check in will be tomorrow morning and we should be past Hattaras by then. Have a great day. We are!
Bill and crew

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