Monday, June 20, 2011

Winter in Gulf Harbour

Hello All,

Again I need to apologize for my lack of entries. Truth is I don't have a lot to say these days. We have decided not to post information on the repair process as the insurance company is making life hell and we don't want to publish anything that could possibly haunt us down the road.

I will say that this is just about the most frustrating process I have ever been through mostly because I can't actually talk to anyone to make it better. We are literally insulated by 4 layers of Brokers from the insurance company and are forbidden to jump over any one of those layers. This is classic Chinese telephone and it is making for a slow and painful process.

Small rant over I can offer an update on what I have been up to.

I finally met up with Sean Ryan, who used to work at the Camden Grasshopper and moved down here a few years ago after working at the South Pole. I don't mean the big base in antarctica, but the small base literally at the pole, where there are no flights, supplies, etc. for I think he said 9+ months each year. Mom has kept in touch over the years and I think I will have plenty of fun going skiing with him this winter.

I have also been working quite a bit for Toby and Ayla on Lady K. They had new Hall Spars Carbon rigging put on the boat and are trying to get the boat ready to head up to Vanuatu next week. They have appreciated the help, and it has been quite nice to get some cash and company. I have still not gotten paid yet for the insurance work I have been doing for the last 6+ months so a bit of cash flow is pretty nice. Ayla even set me up on a blind date last weekend (quite fun).

There is one other crewed yacht in Gulf Harbour this winter (2 young couples) and we went skiing with them 2 weeks ago at an indoor ski hill just down the road. Surprising good hill, though short, and quite good snow as they can keep a very consistent -5C temp in the building. Couldn't ski there every week, but certainly will go again at some point.

The weather down here is pretty dismal much of the time. Not really at all cold, but today is one of the few sunny days and it rains a TON. Still, the nice days are quite nice so it isn't all bad.

In other news, Corey and Jeanelle had a baby boy (Carter Bruno) so this means the annual ski trip will now certainly enjoy a Senior Year Spring Break-esq "Romper Room" as Carter makes the 3rd baby in about 18 months (if memory serves on birth dates).

More soon (I hope).


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