Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To Each His Own....Beach

16 31.110S 143 49.350 W
Makemo, Tuamotus, French Polynesia

We left our own private Motu yesterday, and with a quick stop in town to change some money and rid ourselves of some smelly garbage, we headed North in the lagoon to find a new anchorage with some good protection from the east. Good thing too as it is blowing a steady 20 kts with gusts up to 30 last night and 24 today. We are nicely tucked in behind a reef that juts out from our own private beach formed at the corner of the island as it bends to the north. We plan to enjoy said beach today (if the wind and passing rain allows). We did a bit of exploring last night when we got in and it is quite beautiful looking, large and flat, perfect for a soccer game (though with just 3 people, it will leave a bit to be desired). There are a lot of small tracks leading everywhere and that same animal is eating its way into all the coconuts. Not sure if it is crabs or rats, but there are a lot of them (lets hope crabs!)

That is all for now. Rain just started so time to batten down the hatches again.