Sunday, October 18, 2009

Panama to Ecuador Day 3

88 miles west of Colombia/Ecuador Border - 01 49.5N 80 21.8W

Our 24 hours of horror seem to be over. We are still motoring directly into the wind/seas, but the wind is down to 8-10 kts and the waves are down to 3-4 ft, so we are back up to 7.5 kts (was as low as 6 kts last night) and we aren't quite as misserable. We still have a day and a half left to go, but the last 12 hours shouldn't be as bad as we turn the corner and should have a beam reach into port. The lastest weather routing has us getting in at about 2:30 am so we will either need to make better time (average faster than about 7.3 kts) or slow down towards the end to come in at first light.

Otherwise not much to say. I am writing to you via our new KVH FB150 SatCom which we now have operational. Looking forward to our impending equatorial crossing. Still not sure what we will do for the occasion. Our eta to the equator is about 16 hours, also putting it in the middle of the night. Also, we are all pollywogs on board, so not sure how to innitiate all of us.

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