Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pinch Zoom Coming to iNavX

I loaded the latest Beta of iNavX last night and played around with the main new feature, PINCH ZOOMING! Apparently Apple doesn't include an API for pinch zooming meaning that every coder must write it themselves, but iNavX's version is actually the most responsive pinch zoom I have seen thus far, so many of my frustrations with google maps are relieved. Best of all, you can shut off the pinch zoom and the current zoom bar comes back if you prefer that for single handed operation.

In other news, we got all the sails off Visions and winterized the engines last weekend. The wifi install should be finished this coming weekend and I will write about that soon, and as soon as I get my new clamp ammeter I will finish my LED bulb testing and will start writing that article.

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GPSNavX said...

iNavX 1.0.5 w/Pinch Zooming has been submitted to Apple. Look for it within a few days.