Monday, November 3, 2008

Living Aboard

I spent last weekend moving out of my apartment and onto the boat (not much fun) and most of the week trying to find homes for all the stuff I want access to over the winter. Note, it is difficult to fit a winter wardrobe including business attire into a closet and drawer space designed for warm weather cruising, but I managed to fit everything other than sweaters and by suit which ended up in the Master Stateroom.

This weekend was much more enjoyable, starting off with a beautiful sunset, followed by a boat-warming dinner party. I got most of the way through the wifi install on Visions. I just need the right coax connector (damb sexual confusion of reverse polarity connectors...who would have though the part with a nut like hole would be referred to as "male") and my tools back from Shane who is waiting for the same part before he can send them back to me and I can button up the laz. I added a power strip for laptop charging to the Nav station desk, a second power strip behind the entertainment center for expanded entertainment and wired up the x-box media center to stream videos from my laptop (or any other computer on the boat network). Who needs a DVR when you have a modded x-box and torrent downloads of the shows you missed that week.

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Sierra Dietz said...

Congrats on the move. Darn that sexual confusion......