Friday, August 8, 2008

Race Prep

As I have mentioned, we are racing in the Monhegan Race this weekend on Visions. Apparently they will have LIVE SCORING as rounding times are called in. Right now it is looking like a rather SLOW race with light air, but the good news is that this mornings models show less beating then yesterday did.

I will also try to update the blog via e-mail as cell service is available. The formatting tends to be a bit crummy this way, but I can fix the posts when I get back on land. It may be a bit "stream of consciousness" but it should be interesting anyway. Probably most interesting to my apparent readership will be that I will get the chance to test iNavX with wifi instruments over a much longer period of time. I loaded StatCounter yesterday and was very glad to see that I am not just talking to myself.


Sierra Dietz said...

I'm listening..... not always understanding what you're talking about, but listening nonetheless.....
-your non-sailor sister

iNavX said...

Make sure you update to iNavX 1.0.1