Thursday, August 7, 2008

iNavX Update on the Way

It feels good to make a difference. As I hinted in the comments to the Day 1 Review, Rich Ray, developer of iNavX contacted me about my reviews and the zooming issue which was my only major hangup. Build 1.0.2 has been submitted to Apple (1.0.1 available any day now) and should hopefully be available by August 15th. Included in the update is the ability to zoom out to 10% 20% of the actual chart pixels (much further than before as you can see from the image on the left). This is a little different than the treatment he was considering yesterday, so he must have figured out the performance problems he was having. You may also notice that he seems to have added some sort of tide function. No details on that yet, but it seems like it is on the way.

As mentioned before, I will be testing with networked instruments over the weekend (ran a desktop test with a simulated GPS stream yesterday with success) and will let you all know how that goes.

I was also contacted by the developers of Active Captain. They currently have a mobile program available for Palm smartphones and are developing versions for Win Mobile as well as the iPhone. It sounds like the Win Mobile version will come out first with the iPhone version to follow. He was interested in having me beta test the software which I will be happy to do and let my readership (all three of you...I hope more than that) know what I think. There is an ad-hoc iPhone distribution scheme for beta testing, but it is rather untested at this point. In the mean time, Ben at Panbo has a copy on his palm and we are going to try to find a time to get together and compare. Might happen sometime mid to late August.

Update with Wifi Instruments

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iNavX said...

AyeTides is on the way (could show up any moment) on the iPhone app store. When "Tides" is selected in the iNavX (v1.0.1 or later), AyeTides is launched (assuming it is installed) and a tidal station list based on the current GPS position is presented.