Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 1 in London

A busy week began with a short cruise! We lobbied and were given a few choices for alternative spaces in the marina, and moved to a new berth last Wednesday. Our new space is over in the east basin, and is cleaner and quieter, and has many hours of sunlight - much improved.


Here are some highlights of our past week...

On Wednesday we began our exploration of the city by foot, and wandered towards the West End and the Theatre District. We like to walk because we feel it is the best way to really see an urban city, and it is good exercise to boot. And speaking of exercise, we have fallen into a routine of hard-core gym workout days alternating with hard-core long walk/explore days. Not too bad! Without really planning on it, we found ourselves at several of the last minute ticket booths (like TKTS) and walked away with tickets the next night to Beautiful, the Carole King story.

 St. Paul's Cathedral

On Thursday, we walked back to West End and the Aldwych Theatre to see Beautiful.

The music, well known to us, was fantastic and the story line of her as an emerging artist was interesting to see. The walk back to the dockyard was beautiful at night past many iconic landmarks...

 St. Paul's Cathedral
When we see the ramparts of the Tower of London, we know we are getting close to home.

Tower of London at Night
Friday was another day of exploration.

On Friday, we walked to a large food and produce market - Borough Market. It had multiple stalls with fantastic choices of cheeses, meats and fish, name it, surrounded by food stands and restaurants.

The market is comprised of 3 interconnected halls and is only a short walk from St. Katharine Dockyard, about 20 minutes.

Check out the mushroom display!

And to get there, we get to walk across the river on the Tower Bridge and then alongside London City Hall and the Thames path across the river

Saturday was a wet and damp day here. We stayed aboard much of the day and also had a good day at the gym. Sunday found us walking to the British Museum. Britain's most popular destination, the museum is a time-frame treasure trove of world history. It is huge, and it's also free. So our plan is to digest it in bite size time chunks.

That's all for now...


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