Thursday, January 19, 2017

Safe and sound on the River Dart...hello from Dartmouth.

We had a 27 1/2 hour sail from Penarth to Falmouth, reasonably benign, all considered.  After an early afternoon arrival, we got out a bit to stretch our legs and see some sights.
Visions of Johanna anchored off the ships of Her Majesty's Navy
Falmouth town

At anchor among Naval supply ships

The overnight sail unfortunately was followed only by a brief stay in Falmouth. Weather dictated a short stay as strong easterlies were forecast to arise in 24 hours and we elected to leave for our next port, deciding upon Dartmouth. Dartmouth turned out to be a great choice, although the distance of 68 nm. required an early start. We slipped away at 0555 the following morning for a long days sail.

One of Her Majesty's Ships on maneuvers off Plymouth
 We sailed east past the yachting and naval port of Plymouth, and heeded warnings regarding live fire and submarine operations in the area. We saw a submarine on maneuvers with a surface ship, and observed it diving, which was pretty cool.

Tony at the helm, watching for subs

Our approach to Dartmouth was just before sunset; our timing was perfect. The River Dart has high ridges and hills on both sides, the town of Dartmouth to the south, and the village Kingswear across to the north.

We anchored in a designated spot as the sun went down. Dartmouth is pretty at night; the large rather imposing building is the Britannia Royal Naval College of Dartmouth.

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