Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Saturday Update, 10/31

S/Y Visions of Johanna
43 miles east of St. Augustine
Wind SE, 6 kn

Hello everyone. All is well on board Visions of Johanna; Tom and I are nearly half way through the passage to West Palm Beach. Yesterday started with better sailing than expected, finding NE 12-16 kn, but engine went on at 3 PM as wind has slowly clocked and eased, now SE 6-8 kn.

Great burgers and (oven baked) fries for dinner last night, with a big salad. There were quiet watches overnight except for calls for exclusion zones around military vessels doing live fire operations. "Sailing yacht" is one thing, "motor vessel" or "cargo ship" are others, but these guys say "War Ship" 61, or 55 or something...and the war part kind of gets your attention. One call was for unlit night time "helo" procedures. At one point I jumped out as I heard what I though was a ship nearby, one that I could hear but some how not see. Turns out it was a helocopter stealthily approaching us. I figured it out when their spotlight lit us up like a Christmas tree.

193 mile to go. Hope for arrival late morning or so tomorrow.

Bill and Tom

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