Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 4 - Aka "we sure are saving on diesel"

7:30 am local time
31 17.6S/174 58.2E
SOG - 9.0
COG - 164 mag

Wind 22-27 Kn ENE, gusting 30 Kn
Bar 1015
Seas 6' ENE

Fast tracks continue. Winds were a bit eased yesterday as we carried the jib in the morning, and reacher
for the better part of the afternoon. Jib went back up late afternoon as wind has slowly increased over
the past 12 hours. We are now flying a reefed high clewed jib with staysail averaging 9 knots with wind
just abaft the beam. Perhaps a bit more breeze than the ideal, but these conditions were
anticipated and they would have been even more boisterous if we hadn't screamed south the past 3 days.

Kudos to Ken McKinley who stated "go south, fast boat" - or something to that effect

We will do just over 200 nm in these past 24 hours. Unfortunately I am not sure we will be graced with
that elusive yellowfin, as even I am a bit hesitant to think about boarding a fish in these conditions. We
are not suffering gastronomically, however: we enjoyed lamb sausage subs with onions and capsicum (green
and red peppers) for lunch and beef bourgignon with fresh beans and carrots for tea (dinner).

248 nm to go, and I am anticipating a late Thursday morning arrival (tomorrow!!).
All is well on board.

Smooth seas,


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