Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Akaroa and Banks Peninsula

South Island New Zealand

Lots of catching up to do! We departed Dunedin for the Banks Peninsula where we anchored outside the vacation/holiday type area of Akaroa. Johanna and Gram think it may be the prettiest place we have been - I agree it was very pretty, but in a more tame way - and different compared to areas we have ventured, such as the Fiords and Stewart Island.

Weather conditions improved. The large scale weather patterns changed, but now on the South Island east coast, we were not exposed to the westerly winds of the roaring forties. We also made distance to the north, up to 43 south, from our low of 47 south around Stewart Island.

Akaroa had some great hikes and walks to choose from – including a 12 mile long and rugged loop up to a 2760 ft. peak which overlooked the peninsula. The views were great, and it was even hot. Johanna was delighted and reported that she wore shorts for the first time in months.

While in Akaroa, we also had a few nice lunches out, enjoyed walking in the “trendy” town, and visited the local artisan and jewelry shops...

but after several days in Akaroa Harbor, a good weather window presented itself, and we headed out to 'round the peninsula, on the way to Lyttleton. En route, we stopped for an overnight in Flea Bay. Very pretty, with more good walking and hiking.

Next stop - Lyttleton

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