Saturday, March 3, 2012

Departing Stewart Island

Hello again, from Stewart Island, and sorry for the scarcity of posts. We have been out of routine after sailing from Port Pegasus to Port Adventure and on to Patterson Inlet...we have been in and around Patterson Inlet and the town of Oban for the past week or so.  Bruce and Alene were able to stay with us for a few days early on, but then had to start back to rejoin Migration. Visions of Johanna was spiffy and waited patiently for our arriving Stewart Island guests -  (long-time friend) Nancy and Gregg from southern California, and Carmel, who  joined us for her holiday as well. The past week has been spent socializing, tramping, and foraging. We were already loaded with treats, and then added various specialties such as fresh blue cod, scallops, and mussels to an already pumped up menu. It was a cruise for gourmands, for sure. Weather though resorted to Stewart Island's well known rain followed by cold cloudy weather, occasionally interspersed with sun…but that did not dampen spirits and the nice days were simply fantastic.

G&N left 2 days ago, and we are again rejoining a cruising routine. We had to say so long to Carmeland have a reasonable weather window to head north towards Dunedin today. We will keep in touch.




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