Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heading south along the west side of South Island day 2

42 22 54S/170 47 70 E
South Pacific Ocean
Off Greymouth, NZ
Winds 10 - 13 knots SW
Course 189 Mag
Speed 7.7 knots

There is no shelter along this rugged coast, and once you pass Farewell Cape, the passage is 320 miles to Milford Sound. We left Tasman Bay with a reasonable weather window, but also with the knowledge that we wanted to be in the sound by Thursday evening, 60 hours after departure (late Wednesday nite for you east coasters) , as a low would pass from the south. After a pleasant motor up Tasman Bay, our encounter with Farewell Spit and Cape was again quite memorable for winds and waves in excess of the forecast. Lumpy 4-6 foot and close spaced square waves provided over 24 hours of rock and roll until we got far away enough from the South Island's north face to leave land effects behind. Crew remained happy and quite comfortable though, as Bruce, Aline and rest of the crew enjoyed the wonders of the pilot house. Johanna was prepared, and had made dinner earlier in the day - so we were able to feast on a baked pasta dinner with white cheese sauce and smoked chicken - devoured in deep offshore bowls of course.

Today has seen the wind and seas settle. Wind is still by the bow, so do we continue to motor sail in order to make good time and keep on schedule. Winds will clock around to the west and NW late tonite, and we should have speedy sailing and a timely arrival in 24 - 26 hours or so. We will send next update tomorrow morning.


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