Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rolly Polly

21 37 s 171 57 e
300 nm SE of Port Villa Vanuatu

It id 2:45 am and we are rolling gunnel to gunnel.  Yesterday was probably the nicest day of sailing on the Pacific one could imagine..beam reach in 12 to 14 knots of breeze, flat seas, a mahi mahi in the morning and tuna in the afternoon.  This evening the wind has come around right on our stern and we are rolling like crazy in the swell coming up from south of NZ.  Still, it is warm, clear sky, and we only have about 36 hours to go, hopefully a little less as we really want to be in by midday on thurday to allow time to get the boat clean and ready for the owner who is coming thursday (they will probably stay in a hotel thur night to allow Toby and Ayla time to prep.  My left shoulder (separated in car accident) feels like it is ready to fall off after 4 days of holding on to things so the lack of heel is nice but it is hard to sleep when rolling back qand forth.  We have modified the watch (was 3 hours on 4:30 off with 2 people on at a time on 1:30 hour blocks but in the calmness your 2nd 1:30 can be taken sleeping in the pilothouse.  Makes for a short but boring watch without anyone to talk to.  All for now as my first half is cominng to a close.  Time for a log entry and then try to catch some Zed's.

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