Friday, December 10, 2010

Internet in New Zealand is Crap!

Whitianga - Mercury Bay - New Zealand

Sorry for not writing anything in a while.  We have been having a wonderful time exploring northern New Zealand with Great Barrier Island being a highlight that included several long (all day) hikes on the well maintained (or being improved in some cases) DOC tracks that cross the island.  My feet are a little worse for wear, but it was a wonderful time.  We are now back to mainland, exploring the Coramandel Peninsula and Mercury Bay, a place I have wanted to visit since I started reading about America's Cup history and learned of the cute little Yacht club that Michael Fay used to challenge San Diego and send the cup into its first foray into the New York Courts in earnest.

Quite a pretty place, this New Zealand, but the internet is crap and more expensive than just about anywhere we have been on the trip so far.  Word is it will get better in the next few years as new cables are run and fiber optic gets run through the country, but right now it is quite frustrating as you can blow through $5 in about 15 minutes or normal surfing.

Getting ready to head home soon.  Hopefully the rents will keep up the blog in my absence.

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