Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On to Nuie

20S 170W - Nuie

In hindsight, we were probably a little hasty in leaving Beverage Reef. We dove just outside the pass and were very disappointed to find that all the coral is DEAD and there aren't many fish either. The pass didn't look much better and it was fairly choppy inside the reef, especially at high tide so we decided to cut our losses and enjoy more time in Nuie. Scott & Cindy decided to tough it out another night and headed to the eastern edge of the lagoon where they tell us they found 3-4 wrecks and excellent live coral and fish and sharks. Sounds like it is all inside the reef (haven't found a shortcut out and the dingy ride around would be QUITE long, so depths are shallow.

In any event, we had a decent passage to Nuie...a bit rolly and not quite enough wind to keep the sails from slatting, but good enough. There were 6 boats traveling that night so it kept us on our toes, slaloming through traffic. The moorings here are very nice and the anchorage isn't too rolly (yet at least). People are super friendly and there is supposed to be excellent diving, plus the whales are just starting to arrive. If the weather holds out we should be here about 2 weeks. Plus there is free internet from the Mormons so life is pretty good.

More soon.

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