Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Vacation from our Vacation

Shelter Bay Marina - Colon Panama - 9 22.072N 79 57.021W

Sorry for the long time between updates. Bill and I have been full-on since the girls left getting the boat ready for a month alone while we all go home. We visited Isla Grande which was quite nice, but nothing special and then spent the week here finishing putting the boat away. We still have a day and a half, and about that much work we HAVE to get done, so this will be short. Boat is clean, safe, and getting prepped to be closed up hopefully without mold problems in a VERY damp environment.

I will be home in Maine for August, then head down to Newport for the 6m World Championships for 2 weeks in September before we fly back to Panama (Zak included this time) to restart our trip. In the mean time, we will finally update pictures and I will try to blog about the world champs when in Newport.

Stay tuned....

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