Sunday, March 22, 2009

iPhone Grib Viewing

Word is iNavX v1.2.0 has been submitted to Apple over the weekend and includes the ability to download (via xTraverse account) GFS grib data and view it on the charts. The data is only available at a 1/2 degree grid and only the GFS model is available at this time, but you can see the forecast out to 60 hours at 12hr increments.

My suggestion to make this FAR more valuable would be to have a way to download the latest QuickSCAT satellite wind measurements as well. Dealing with multiple models is probably way to complicated for the small screen, but the ability to download and view the actual wind around you in the last hour would be extremely valuable for the mobile navigator.

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GPSNavX said...

The plan is to greatly expand the Wx functionality of iNavX going forward. High Resolution GRIBs plus real-time observations. GFS GRIB (wind speed, pressure, temperature) is just the beginning.